Why did I decide to travel alone?

Traveling in group seems like a lot of fun. So, I knew this girl. Her famous name is Gama Nepal. We strangely bounded by Nepal Earthquake that happened in last April. I would not tell you a full story about how we knew each other, because it will take a year to write. Short story, we know each other, we have never met, then suddenly she asked me by WhatsApp to take a road trip around Indochina countries with her and her friends and I said ok.

Feb, 16 th 2016 We met at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. It turned out we are 8 people group trip. It was kind of a mind battle for me, because I’ve never traveled in this big group for more than 5 days trip. It was not because they were not cool or nice, I could say they are very nice people. It was because I am a kind of lazy and silly traveler. I could not strict to the plan or travel itinerary and never made one too.

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, our first stop. We walked along Pham Ngu Lao St. to find our hostel. I felt really tired and felt unwell, but we didn’t want to waste time. So, all of us went to have lunch. While I was eating my Pho, they were talking about an itinerary that they already made. I didn’t know about that itinerary…hahaha… After a long discussion, they decided to go to Chu Chi Tunnel by tour which cost VND 90.000. But me, I decided to sleep. I said it to them “ You know, I am kind of lazy traveler. I love to sleep. So, I won’t ask you to wait for me and please don’t ask me to go with your itinerary”. I found out maybe some of them got annoyed by my decision. So, before everything get worse, I decided to leave the group and traveling solo. Like I always do.

I got fever in my first day trip, that’s why I came back to my hostel and sleep. I woke up at 7 pm, and walked along Pham Ngu Lao Street. I met 2 indonesian girls and we had a plan to visit Chu Chi Tunnel the next day at 7 am by public bus and it cost only VND 26.000.

So, here is the point why I decided to travel alone:

  • I am a lazy traveler

I am not kind of “itinerary” traveler who will stick into the itinerary and plan. I love to do everything spontaneously. It doesn’t matter if I can’t go to all of tourism destinations in the countries I visit. Socialize with locals is the best thing to do when I travel.

  • When you travel alone, It will be easier to make new friends

When we travel in group especially one big group, other travelers would lil bit lazy to say “hi” to us. Because they think we travel in a big group and they are not in our group. But if you travel alone, another traveler won’t resist to say “hi” to you. Because both of you are solo traveler and it will be nice to make a group of two or three. I met so many awesome travelers along the way. From Israel Army, an expat, a best Italian chef until a runaway groom. Hahaha.

  • I am silly

That’s why this blog name sillytraveller. I am silly. I never had an itinerary and I never know the detail of the city I visit. When I was in Phnom Penh, I didn’t know the city at all. All I knew was I need to find a hostel because I was tired. And this habit or character of me maybe will annoy someone who travel with me. That’s why I decided to travel alone. I am happy anyway.

This photo was taken in front of Saigon Backpacker Hostel
This photo was taken in front of Saigon Backpacker Hostel
Pho... Yummy...
Pho… Yummy…

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