Montreal, a city in my dream

I was a naive high school girl from a small village in Indonesia. It was back in 2006. The internet was still a new “thing” in the small village I lived in. We needed to go to an internet cafe, paid the internet connection per hour, or use a free internet cafe in school.

The internet was very slow, you know MIRc era – yes, that slow. Back then I was just surfing through Friendster when I found out about a summer class scholarship for high school students in Montreal. The only criteria for applicants to get a scholarship is getting most likes in your profile you made in your website. You know, back then I didn’t even know where Montreal is or where Canada is but I applied anyway – maybe I would have some luck you know.

I didn’t get it, of course. I only got 48 likes lol. Thank you for anyone who liked my profile back then. But long story short, a decade later here I am. I got a job in Ottawa, Canada – only 2 hours away from Montreal!

I was so excited to visit Montreal, a city that was in my dream for a decade! (ps. I am actually scrolling my photo gallery to find when was the first time I visit Montreal). Owh it was summer 2017, a week or two after I arrived in Canada when one of my coworkers asked me to join her on a road trip to Quebec City (will post another story on it).

We stopped by in Montreal on the way home from Quebec City. It was surreal! A place that has always been in my dream and now I am here! We didn’t have much time back then, so we just visited the old port and had lunch. It was so beautiful.

Le Petit Dep – Monteal, 2017
On the way home <3 , 2017

The second time I went to Montreal that year is Christmas 2017. My boyfriend visited me in Ottawa and a friend of mine invited us to have a Christmas dinner in her parent’s house. I and my boyfriend drove to Montreal in a very bad snowstorm. I was so nervous because it was my first time driving in such a bad condition.

We took a stroll in the old port in a -30 Celcius degree for the first time. It was freezing and beautiful at the same time. So, me – a small little girl from a small village in Indonesia is finally able to visit a city that I was always wanted to visit. It took some time of course. But I believe if we have a dream, don’t let it die. Give it some time and effort then you will be there <3 Love and hugs from me – still the same small Javanese girl you’ve known a decade ago <3

First winter in Montreal, 2017

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