Meeting Loch Ness

It was my first holiday after I moved to Canada when I decided to visit Scotland. A magical country that had me wondering how it feels like to be there. The main reason I chose Scotland is because my boyfriend lives there. I went there during fall time (around October 2018) and stayed for 3 weeks-ish in Dundee. My boyfriend had a long weekend at one point then we decided to go to Inverness.

Inverness is one of Scotland biggest city, cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands and it’s located up in the north, pretty far from Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Aberdeen. We took train to get there. It costed us around 30 pounds each for a return tickets and the journey took around 3 hours. We decided to stay in an airbnb (I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of it) because I am a on-budget traveler (you know it if you’ve been following my website). The airbnb cost us CAD 173 for 2 nights, here is the link to our airbnb. The place we stayed is so close to the centre of Inverness, so we pretty much walked everywhere we need to go.

My boyfriend suggest us to go to Loch Ness. Yes, a lake where people believe that the Nessie monster lives in. We took a bus to Urquhart Castle (located on the side of the lake). The bus cost 15 pounds for return trip for each of us. We spent 3 hours there looking this beautiful castle and hoping we will see Nessie. But we aren’t so lucky after all.

Feeling the fresh air and the beauty of Scottish Highland
The beautiful Urquhart Castle
Loch Ness

Fun fact : People always call the monster Lochness when Loch actually means lake in Gaelic language so Loch Ness means Lake Ness.

On the way home from the castle we decide to walk to Drumnadrochit, a nearby town from the lake (around 3.3 km away from the Castle). And yes we walked there because we had so much time before our return bus come. You won’t notice you walk that far because the path is so beautiful and the air is so fresh there. We look around some souvenirs place and LochNess Museum in that town.

Here is an illustration I made about this journey :

Meeting Nessie

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