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I am just a curious girl. I love to travel, dance, sing, learn something new,smile and laugh. I could easily make friend with someone I just met. I am not a fancy girl who travel with a bunch of luggages,I am a backpacker girl who could hitch hiking from one city to another, stay with locals, sleep in a 18 beds dorm hostel room, walk 5km with my backpack to find a hostel somewhere unknown.

The best achievement of all time was spending my 25th birthday in Viet Nam- Cambodia border alone!

I would try to share some of my travel stories in this website. How to be here and there, how to get the cheapest flight, how to make friend, how to get free accomodations, and how to stay safe while you travel as a woman. Brace yourself, your happy life is coming!


Fibria – Silly Girl

+62 857 40166909

fibria@sillytraveller.com | rhischa.fibria@gmail.com


Me in The Eternal City

7 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Ninggalin jejak dulu ahh…. 🙂
    ditunggu postingan2 selanjutnya yakz….

    1. oke sip cuy… 😀

    1. halah… 😀

  2. Mantabs, Fibri… juoss gandhoss!!! Hahaha… 😆
    Salam blogger dari negeri Singa (paling tidak untuk saat ini 😉 ). Selalu menunggu tulisan-tulisan terbarumu. 🙂

    1. Fibria Rhischa says: Reply

      Salam mas.. Terima Kasih 😀

  3. Thank you for posting and sharing the details of your experience from KTM to Pokhara.
    All the best ! Keep Exploring and Traveling.
    Take care.

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