Thingvellir , why is it so special?

I spent my first day in Iceland resting all day. I arrived at 2 pm so it would be the waste of time to rent a car then I decided to just explore the downtown of Reykjavik. I rent a car the next day and decided to drive up north to Thingvellir National Park. I went there after I browsed some info on internet about how beautiful the scenery alongside the road from Reykjavik to Thingvellir and what could I see in this national park (I will explain more about accomodation on my next post). So why did I spend one hour driving to visit it?

It has a lot of waterfalls

Iceland is famous with it’s beautiful waterfalls. I drove up north to one hiking spot in the national park. This is the place where 2 plates of continents meet. On the way home from hiking, I saw a waterfall on the side of the road and decided to stop there.

Don’t forget to bring your raincoat ­čÖé

Beautiful lake

Thingvellir National Park has a very beautiful lake that you would definitely notice when you are driving there. It names ├×ingvallavatn (read : Thingvallavatn). This beautiful lake is so big, you could see it’s beauty from almost every direction of the national park.

The river goes to the lake

It’s on World Heritage List

├×ingvellir (Thingvellir) is the National Park where the Althing, an open-air assembly representing the whole of Iceland, was established in 930 and continued to meet until 1798. Over two weeks a year, the assembly set laws – seen as a covenant between free men – and settled disputes. The Althing has deep historical and symbolic associations for the people of Iceland. The property includes the ├×ingvellir National Park and the remains of the Althing itself: fragments of around 50 booths built from turf and stone. Remains from the 10th century are thought to be buried underground. The site also includes remains of agricultural use from the 18th and 19th centuries. The park shows evidence of the way the landscape was husbanded over 1,000 years. (Source : )

You could do several outdoor activities

Yes, you don’t read it wrong. I know you think “what am I gonna do in a national park?” But in thingvellir you could do camping, hiking, fishing, horse riding and between continent’s plates diving. Yes, all of those amazing video where divers touch 2 continent’s plates (Europe and America) at the same time was done in Iceland. Sadly I wasn’t prepared to do it but absolutely next time.

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