First time traveling? Here’s what you need to know

Few weeks ago, I was on an airplane from Jakarta to Singapore. There was one Indonesian girl who sat beside me, suddenly she asked me ” Hey, have you ever been in Singapore before? Do you know how to go here and there?”. Turned out it was her first time traveling abroad. She was with 7 of her friends and they want her to be their tour leader. She was so excited and confused at the same time. She told me that she didn’t want to disappoint her friends and she wanted to visit ALL of tourism attractions in Singapore in 3 days. Yes, all of it.

Everyone must have doubt and excitement on every trip they are going to do, especially the first one. On my first trip I was too much excited until I forgot to bring the essential travel stuff (my passport) while I already packed up all of unimportant things I didn’t need. So, maybe this writing would help you, all of fellow travelers who are ready to start your own journey.

  • Know your priority

What is your purpose on your travel trip? Do you want to go to every tourism attractions in your destination or you just want to relax and chill out in the new atmosphere. The first option might would require you to make a travel itinerary if you have limited time but the second option, you just need to go. I am more likely a second option person, so if you ask me about my itinerary, sorry I don’t have one (actually too lazy to make one, lol).

Sleepy head they say. Always sleep everywhere no matter what happens
Sleepy head they say. Always sleep everywhere no matter what happens
  • Only pack up what you need

In your first time traveling trip, maybe you’ll be over prepared because you are worried that might be you’ll need some stuff there. Here is some tips how to pack efficiently:

  1. Pack your clothes depends on your destination (You’ll need hiking boots and jackets if you go to Nepal because maybe you want to go hiking and the weather in Nepal is quite cold, but you don’t need it if you go to Thailand – swim wear would be a good choice)
  2. Only bring gadget you’ll need ( If you are not working on travel blog, then you don’t need to bring laptop with you. It is risky and heavy. You could always book your flight tickets and check your email from your smart phone)
  3. Do not bring something that you could buy in your destination (Bringing your toiletries might would save up some money, but it would be a different case if you have a non baggage flight. Saving few kilos of your backpack would be better. You could always buy it everywhere)
  4. Rolled everything up baby (Rolling up your clothes would save up some space in your backpack)
Save up some space in your backpack
Save up some space in your backpack
  • Don’t worry about it too much, enjoy!

Having a dream about your destination every night? Browsing about your destination everyday? Looking at your tickets all the time? Perfecting your itinerary? That is normal. But guys, please do not worry about it too much until you forget how to enjoy this trip because you are too strict into your itinerary. Just do it, let everything flow and enjoy every moment of it. Happy traveling!


Here is the “must bring” list in my backpack:

  1. Passport. You cant go abroad without this, of course.
  2. Camera. I need to capture every moment of my trip for my travel blog. Ok not every of it. Sometimes I am just too lazy to use my camera.
  3. Smart phone. The most convenient gadget to check your email or book your tickets.
  4. Laptop. I only bring it if I feel like I am going to have a feeling to write.
  5. Flip flops. Always need it to go around tropical countries or just to go to the bathroom.
  6. Thin and comfy clothes. Mostly my beach shirt. It is easy to dry and soooo comfy.
  7. ¬†Padlock. Some hostel provide a padlock for the locker but some don’t provide it. Just in case.
  8. Travel journal. Writing on a paper is always a good way to find a good idea.
  9. My headset. Sometime I just want to be in my own world.
  10. All of the charger for your gadgets.


Shirt, Short, Sunglasses. This is how you travel in tropical countries
Shirt, Short, Sunglasses. This is how you travel in tropical countries
Boots, thick clothes, warm hat. This is how you travel in Himalayas
Boots, thick clothes, warm hat. This is how you travel in Himalayas
Or bring your cat if you lover it too much
Or bring your cat if you love it too much

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