What to do in Pokhara, Nepal ?

Have you ever wonder what would you do in Nepal beside trekking the Everest Base Camp? I planned to go to Mukhtinath. And the first city I have to go to reach Mukhtinath is Pokhara (here is how I get there). The first day I was there, I asked the receptionist of the lodge I stayed and some nice Nepali people (All of them are nice) about how to go to Mukhtinath, but none of them recommend me to go there at that season (it was February 2015). I gave up and decided to stay in Pokhara. I was wondering around trying to figure out what to do there, and here is the list:

  • Ride a boat in Phewa Lake

You might say ride a traditional boat in a lake is something you can do everywhere, but with Himalaya’s view? No, you can only do it in Nepal. I didn’t have any intention to ride a boat when I arrived in Pokhara till I met Lokesh. He is a very nice and attractive soldier I met in Phewa Lake Side. He offered me to ride a boat for free the next morning. Who says no to a free boat ride? But if you don’t meet a kind-hearted soldier like Lokesh, here is the price for riding a boat in Phewa Lake :

  1. You ride a boat by yourself per hour NRS. 350
  2. You ride a boat with a driver per hour NRS. 400
  3. You ride a boat by yourself per day NRS. 800
  4. Go to Peace Stupa (in the middle of the lake) one way NRS.500
  5. Go to Peace Stupa return with driver NRS.900
  6. Life jacket rent per hour NRS.10 and whole day NRS.30
Reflection in Phewa Lake (feb 2015)


  • Go to Devi’s Fall

The second day I was there, I went to a coffee shop to have my breakfast. I met a Nepali man who works there and he gave me so many information where should I go and what should I visit. He highly recommended me to visit Devi’s Fall. He said “it is so close, ride a bike, turn right on Mustang Chowk (Mustang junction), turn right after a bank, ride your bike for 10 minutes and you’ll be there”. In fact, I rode my bike for approximately 2 hours to get there. Maybe he was talking about motorbike when I was talking about bicycle. Hahaha. But I made it!


  • Visit Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

When I arrived in the entrance of Devi’s Fall, something draw my eyes to it. A very Nepali entrance gate right across from Devi’s Fall gate. It is Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave entrance, I decided to enter this cave than Devi’s fall (a fall location that I reached after 2 hours of blood and sweat. hahaha) just because I do really love the gate. I paid NRS 100 for the entrance fee. Sadly, I cant take much picture in this cave because it is a prayer place and taking picture is prohibited at some point. So, here is the best pictures I can take.

The gate of the cave
The newly renovated stairs (feb 2015)
Inside the Cave


  • Hiking to Poon Hill

A man asked me so many times if I want to go to Poon Hill. He persuaded me every time he saw me, gave me his business card, gave me free bread (I took it because he insisted), gave me a full explanation how it would be so amazing seeing Himalayas and stay with the local, finally he said he will give me discount. Strangely, I met him every morning in Pokhara (Did he stalk me? hehehe). So, here it is:


  • Paragliding

Sadly I didn’t do paragliding when I was there because of a shock I got the night before I saw the paragliding brochure. It was a lovely night talking with the receptionist in my lodge when a short earthquake occurred. I ran away from the lodge bare feet when everyone was staring at me said that it was fine and it always happens time to time (feb 2015, 2 months before the devastated earthquake in Nepal). But paragliding in Pokhara while seeing the majestic Himalayas sounds really fun. I make sure I will do paragliding when I visit Pokhara again, soon.


  • Take a taxi to see Himalayas in Sarangkot

All of the people who go to Nepal mostly would do hiking to see the majestic Himalayas. But if you are too lazy to do so, you could just take a taxi to Sarangkot and hike for a while to see Himalayas. This is an amazing choice for lazy travelers who love to sleep and not fan of physical activity. I paid NRS 1200 for the taxi (taxi drivers usually ask for NRS.1500) with a help of my generous local friend and NRS.60 to enter Sarangkot area.

Sarangkot parking lot
I’ve been through a thousand stairs to be here
The Majestic Himalayas
No caption


  • Rent a bike

Ah, I love cycling so much. I went to Gupteswor Mahadev Cave by cycling and ride it around the city after. I love Pokhara so much. Renting a bike costs NRS 500 for it (from 9 am to 5 pm). You could easily find a place to rent a bike in Phewa Lake Side. There are so many men who would park their bikes there and offer it to you. Make sure you make a great deal because sometimes some of them would offer you twice price as it supposed to be.

Checking the maps
Optimus Prime, Nepal Version


  • Shopping in Phewa Lake Side

Are you a fan of shopping? I am not. But Phewa Lake Side is a perfect place to shop. It has so many Kashmir shops with a great quality goods. They sell yak wool scarfs, precious stones (jade, ruby and their friends), Kashmir scarfs. The only thing I bought in Pokhara is my warm and lovely winter gloves.

Jade and friends


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