Silly Tips – How to socialize when you travel?

Q: What the hell do you do when you travel alone? Don’t you feel lonely?

A : I make new friends and they are awesome.

Q: How could you get new friends easily?

Those are questions I usually get when I tell someone that I prefer to travel alone. Most of people are scared to start a conversation. WHY?

Shy, Language Barrier, Scared, Feeling unsafe among new people are some of the reasons

Toss all of those reasons to the garbage. Your fear wouldn’t bring you anywhere, it will lock you down in your own cage, the cage that you made yourself. You spend so much money to travel, stay in a comfortable 4 or 5 stars hotel room, book a trip in a travel agency, they bring you anywhere you want. What would you get? Pictures. Go around, stay in a dorm, meet another travelers, talk with locals. Oh, I forget about your fear to start a conversation. Now I dare you to do this :

  • Choose your random travel destination

You want to travel but you are considering a lot about the cost. Forget that, choose a local travel destination or choose a near country with cheaper life expense than yours. For example, you could go to some countries in South East Asia. Their nature beauty is amazing and their high level of kindness is popular among travelers. Open skyscanner then fill in your destination. Done?


  • Book a bed in a hostel

Now you have your flight ticket in your hand then it’s time to book a place to stay. I recommend hostel as the great choice to practice your social skill. It is cheaper than hostel, so many awesome travelers stay in hostel, and they are amazing. Here is some site where you could book a hostel bed : agoda; hostelbookers; hostelworld. Now, just wait for your upcoming great traveling.


  • Hang out in the hostel public places

Backpacker hostel usually have some public places : hostel lobby, billiard table, mini theatre, and rooftop bar. Then why dont you stop laying in your bed and go there, find new friends? Oh, you are too shy? Lack of languange confidence? I would tell you some tips in the next point.


  • Say “hi”

“Hi” is a simple word to open a conversation or to make new friends. When you are in a hostel lobby or rooftop bar, please don’t sit down in the corner and be quiet. Sit down and join with other traveler by saying ” Hi, may I join?” , I bet they would say yes. Then maybe you would feel left behind in the conversation, don’t worry. Listen and learn. After you understand what they are talking about, try to blend in by telling your experience. Or sometime, someone would ask you about your travel trip. I am telling you backpackers are nice people.


  • Talk about “general topic” and your traveling stories

Maybe the conversation would lead to an awkward silence. Then why dont you break the silence by asking them about “general topic” such as : their country, their culture, the shirt they are wearing, their travel trip, their travelmate, why do they travel. Some simple question would lead to another topic that would be fun. You could also ask about their plan for the next day, maybe you could join them to explore the place.


  • Throw a stupid joke

Well, maybe this is too much. You need to be a silly traveler like me to throw a stupid joke about yourself. But it works all the time. When I feel comfortable enough with my new friends, I would unconciously “humiliate myself”. And I am proud of it. Haha.


Making new friends when you travel is the best thing to do and the best thing I love to do. Because I have friends all over the world who I could visit when I travel in their countries next time. So, what are the benefits of socializing?

  • You would find new friends or even new travelmates. When you meet people who have the same travel idea with yours then why dont you travel together? It’s gonna be awesome. And having friends all over the world, what’s more exciting than that?
  • You have your native language, so do they. Language exchange would be awesome when you meet someone from another country. It would enrich your language skill. Me gusta estudiar nuevo idioma.

Oi Lienda
Bella que fa?
Bonita, bonita que tal?
But belle
Je ne comprends pas français
So you’ll have to speak to me
Some other way

“Jack Johnson – Belle”

  • Sharing each other experiences, telling about each other culture, so much new knowledges you would get from your new friends. Who said that traveling just throwing your money to the air? IT’S NOT. All you get is much more precious than the money you spend.

So, are you still hesitating to start your journey and make new friends? Grab your backpack and go!

Here are some new friends I met when I travel:

When I was in Vietnam, I met these 2 awesome girls who told me the best way to explore Ho Chi Minh City and help me by sharing their info about Cambodia :)
Melly & Iid , indonesians – When I was in Vietnam, I met these 2 awesome girls who told me the best way to explore Ho Chi Minh City and help me by sharing their info about Cambodia 🙂
Ferhat,French – I was all alone on my 25th birthday in Cambodia, then I met this crazy traveler who hitch hiking from one city to another. He is awesome and handsome (You could thanks me later for the compliment, haha)
Davide, Italian – When you have no idea what to do in Bangkok, then you meet someone who love “Walter Mitty” as much as you do. Who else could be the best travel mate than him? I guess, he is still wondering how could I ate mango sticky rice all the time everyday when I was there 🙂
Gwen and Nish
Gwen, Dutch & Nish, Thailand – It was my last day in Myanmar before I went back home. I want to go to Bogyoke Market to buy some beautiful “longyis”( Burmese traditional clothes), and these beautiful girls decided to join me. What’s better than girls day out to shop? Ice cream! hahaha
Artus- Arthur, french Matthias – Germany Resa – Indonesian – How about spending one night by karaoke from youtube, no stage, no microphone, just you and some friends. Arthur and Artus are videographers, they are on their “world tour” to make video about their university alumnus. How can you stop admiring them?


Here is Arthur and Artus website : HEC United , check out their awesome inspiring videos

Crazy mates
Matthias, Germany & Tim – Belgium I dont know how we could be friends. Hahaha.

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